CLEAN explores a new typology of bathroom furniture. Breaking away from the trend of ‘made to measure’ bathrooms, it anchors itself around the idea of flexibility and ease of use. By leaning against a wall CLEAN can be easily installed and then taken with you when you move. 


Removable metal sheet shelves provide storage and flexibility. More private items placed on the shelves can be obscured by a sliding mirror. Justifying the basin to the side of the washing table provides the user with a large ‘work’ surface. A cantilevered cabinet with an integrated towel rail can be used to store bulkier items. By raising the cabinet of the floor, CLEAN becomes easy to move and clean while evoking a light appearance. 



The aesthetic of the design was inspired by current trends to merge dining rooms with kitchens. CLEAN is an attempt to transform bathroom units into pieces of furniture that would not look akin to an item located in the bedroom. Its simple, compact nature does not clutter up small rooms but provides a centre point for every-day practices.



All materials where chosen for their longevity and ability to withstand impact and wear. The frame is made from bent metal tubes and can be easily dis-assembled with M6 socket head bolts. The cabinet is made from varnished solid ash wood while the basin is pressed from a single sheet of metal. The entire unit can be shipped flat-packed for self-assembly. If by chance a component fails the entire unit does not have to be replaced. No welds or adhesives are used in the manufacturing process, therefore each component can be easily removed by the user and replaced, enhancing the sustainable credentials of the product. 

Charles Skender / Industrial Designer / / © 2013 by CharlesSkender

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